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FAA Authorizes PORTLANDRONE® to conduct flight operations over people

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Less than 100 operators in the nation have received this waiver

ParaZero parachutes on PORTLANDRONE Mavic Pro 2 operations add an additional level of safety and security on every flight

PORTLAND, Oregon, December 12, 2019 -  PORTLANDRONE®, a drone operator headquartered in Portland, OR has been awarded the 14CFR S 107.39(a) and 107.29 FAA waivers and which authorizes the company to fly drones over crowds and operate night flights.  

The waiver, one of only 100 authorized by the FAA to date, grants PORTLANDRONE professional drone pilots to routinely fly over people and at night, expanding the scope of aerial imagery PORTLANDRONE can offer.

A 107.39 waiver (i.e., a waiver to fly over people) has historically been one of the most difficult types of waivers to obtain from the FAA. That’s because applicants have had the burden of proving that they can fly over people safely, which means they must demonstrate preparedness for any foreseeable scenario that could impact the safety of those below.

Since 2017, PORTLANDRONE has supported a variety of area companies with aerial image capture as well as providing drone-based videography for the likes of Nike, Lexus, HBO, NetFlix, Verizon, U-Haul and others.

PORTLANDRONE’s operators are FAA certified and every engagement carries a $2M liability insurance policy. 

To inquire about Portland, Oregon's one-stop resource for aerial drone photography and videography services, visit or contact Jamie Goodwick at (503) 908-3050 or


PORTLANDRONE® is Portland, Oregon's one-stop resource for aerial drone photography and videography.

To inquire about any drone operations, please visit or contact Jamie Goodwick at (503) 908-3050 or

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