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PORTLANDRONE welcomes Scott Bones to the team

PORTLANDRONE®, Portland, Oregon's one-stop resource for aerial drone photography and videography is proud to announce the addition of Scott Bones to the drone team as Chief Cinematographer.

Scott Bones of PORTLANDRONE on set with the DJI Matrice 600 drone

As a former actor, SAG Member and precision driver, Portland-native Scott Bones brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from the cinema world.

"Not only does Scott provide an immense knowledge of production and set life," said Jamie Goodwick, Founder and Chief Flight Officer of PORTLANDRONE, "he's also a great friend, and that makes working together on these projects all the more fun."

As a local 600 Union member, Scott has flown for several TV series' and movies including Librarians, The Birch, Trinkets, among others.

Scott has an unmatched enthusiasm for drone capabilities, and prides himself on his safety standards on set. Scott will handle most of the heavy lift drone operations, as well as serve as PORTLANDRONE's resident cinematographer on sets.

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