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Updated: June 9, 2020


In response to COVID-19, PORTLANDRONE® has implemented additional guidelines to further conduct safe operation practices moving forward. We’re confident none of these new guidelines will cause any delay in timelines or deliverables. Instead, these guidelines are to make our job more efficient and safer for everyone involved. 


  1. There will be no physical client contact. If necessary, all face-to-face interactions will be for purpose of safety only. Any verbal communications will be done so at a minimum distance of 10’. Minimum distance requirement of 10’ from other humans will remain in effect throughout arrival, operation, and departure from site.

  2. All operators will wear a face cover.

  3. All Check-Ins will be via Text/Call. If sites require any type of check in, they will now be done via text or call. We can be reached at (503) 908-3050.

  4. If safe to do so, we will launch our drone from off site. Fortunately, at most locations we can launch the drones from off site. In some cases, we will still need to launch from our normal location. This will be directly communicated with the site manager.

  5. All PPE will still be worn. 

  6. Any additional permitting will be completed digitally via email.

  7. Equipment will be cleaned regularly.



If you have had success implementing new guidelines and would like to share ideas, please let us know. Any questions or concerns can be addressed to Jamie Goodwick of PORTLANDRONE® at or (503) 908-3050.

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